Shenzhen City Sheng Yi fast circuit Co., Ltd.
  • Product Distribution/Market Distribution
    • 1-6 layers

    • 8-12 layers

    • 14-20 layers

    • 20 layers above

    • FPC, metal substrate


    Shenzhen SYE QUICK PCB Co.,  Ltd  is a famous manufacturer of prototype PCBAshort-run production PCBs and small lot PCBsSYE QUICK was founded in 1993 with its headquarters in Shenzhen It boasts superior geographical location  and a high-quality professional team that enables it to provide you with efficient and high-quality servicesWith SYE QUICK's development

    to ensure it has more sophisticated and better products for quick competing in the market and better server customersSYE QUICK set up a subsidiary named XINYI at ShajingShenzhen in 2004which has 200 employeesa plant area of 8000 square metersand monthly production capacity of 12000 square metersSYE QUICK set up another subsidiary named XIEYIin 2010